The 7PM Cheer started with one lone person showing support and has since grown into a global movement that’s instantly recognizable regardless of nationality or language.

This book is a collection of images of people and communities coming out to cheer in solidarity at 7PM. It’s also a time capsule documenting the isolation we endured during a global pandemic, specifically in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, during the months of March to June 2020.

There are 40 images shot between April and June, each with their own descriptive story. It’s intended to act as a visual memory and a historical time capsule showing our society supporting one another as things went from pandemic lockdown, to Phase II and III of re-opening here in BC.

The book is available online and all 6 Indigo book stores in the lower mainland.

All the proceeds raised by this project go to support the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and BC Women’s Health Foundation whose resources have been stressed during these unprecedented times.

To purchase online:

October 19, 2020 - April 4, 2021