HOPE Worldwide Canada, Vancouver Chapter volunteer, Louise Grant, approached the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and Return-It Express and identified this opportunity for an additional ongoing donation source.

People can take their empty returnable containers in a transparent plastic bag to an express drop off where they simply print a label with the Food Bank’s phone number 604-876-3601, stick that label on the bag(s) and leave them. Return-It Express employs people to sort and count the returnables and deposit 100% of the refunds to the Food Bank’s account with no administration cost or delay.

HOPE worldwide Canada’s objective: to bring awareness of the work that HOPE worldwide does in our local communities and in support of the great service and care the Greater Vancouver Food Bank provides our communities. The Food Bank can double the value of each dollar donated, providing nutritious food which inspires us to want to increase the stream of funds and encourage people to recycle.

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August 18, 2020 - September 30, 2021