The Bel Canto Initiative, a youth-led non-profit organization, hosts a variety of music-related events to fundraise for a good cause. They aim to spread the transformative power of music and foster deep connections among people. The Musical Marathon of Hope is an annual month-long event that is organized by the Bel Canto Initiative. A series of performances at senior homes, Skytrain stations, and other hidden gems around town to provide all age groups with joy and comfort. To fulfill their mission “Bringing hearts together, one beat at a time.” they use music to ignite hope, drive positive change, and build a community that transcends differences. As part of our commitment, they provide a dynamic platform for high school students to showcase and strengthen their musical talents while creating opportunities for those who hope to develop critical leadership skills and competencies, share insights and ideas, and thrive within a supportive organizational culture.


Last summer, the initiative had a successful fundraising journey. Their performers and executive team organized busking events and performances to raise funds for another local nonprofit organization, the BC Children’s Hospital (BCCHF). At the end of their last event, the “Musical Marathon of Hope”, they officially raised $1197 for the BCCHF. This year, they have raised their goal to $1,500 to donate to the GVFB, heightening their ongoing mission of fundraising for important causes. They currently require adequate funding to sustain and advance their efforts in light of the aforementioned factors. For example, they will be using 1/3 of their gained profits for equipment for musicians, budget management, and, most importantly, greater events and projects in the future.


Check out more about Bel Canto Initiative here.

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