At the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, we believe it is important for everyone to have a current Will prepared to ensure your wishes are carried out exactly as you intend, and that your loved ones and friends will be cared for.

Simple steps you can take today:
  • Inform the Greater Vancouver Food Bank that you are interested in leaving a gift in your Will.
  • See your lawyer, and your lawyer will help you start the process.
Your legacy will…

…promote health and wellness by providing fresh, healthy food to people in need from babies to seniors.

…increase community capacity by extending our reach to different neighbourhoods across Burnaby, Vancouver, North Shore and New Westminster.

…provide sustainability and a secure future with ongoing funding to address food insecurity in Greater Vancouver.

Contact information

For more information on how you can include a gift in your will to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, or to let us know that you have already included the Food Bank in your Will, please contact in confidence:

Greg Douglas, Director of Development

Mobile: 604.314.6980

Email: [email protected]


Meet Suzanne

Suzanne knows through personal experience what it’s like to be close to the “tipping point” — that place where you just don’t have enough money to buy food and pay all your bills.

“I’ve been a donor to the Food Bank for almost 20 years. I’ve seen firsthand how food makes such a difference to people in need. I’m a retired healthcare professional, and I’ve worked in the poorest parts of the city as a nurse. I know how easy it is for people to tip over the edge.”

That personal experience is certainly one reason why, since 2001, Suzanne has been such a loyal supporter of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. It’s also why she recently made a very meaningful choice to leave a gift to the Food Bank in her Will.

“I recently made my estate plan and wrote my Will. And I thought, ‘Can I reduce suffering even after I’m gone?’ So after taking care of my loved ones, I decided to leave a gift in my Will to the Food Bank.”