Community Kitchens

We believe in building community around food and creating opportunities for people to share and learn about food and food skills by encouraging community kitchens where everyone participates!

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About Community Kitchens

Community kitchens build community as participants establish and nurture friendships, increase their food and nutritional knowledge as well as their culinary skills.

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Start a Kitchen

There are many different ways to start a community kitchen.

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Food Skills Workshops

GVFB trains and supports community kitchen facilitators. We offer a variety of workshops and support to our network of trainers.

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Maintaining a Kitchen

Taking the time to organize and maintain your kitchen will ensure that it runs smoothly.

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Getting Equipment and Food

Equipment and Food are key components of a community kitchen that are based on your kitchen’s needs, experience and budget.

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Kitchen Safety and Hygiene

Food safety is a critical part of any community kitchen.

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Learning how to preserve food is an invaluable nutritional skill that saves time and money.

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Recipes & Additional Resources

A number of factors will determine the recipes you choose for your community kitchen.

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Donate Equipment

 If you’re planning a kitchen makeover, downsizing your life, or simply tackling the clutter in your kitchen, please keep our Equipment Room in mind.

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