Project CHEF

Project CHEF: Cook Healthy Edible Food is an experiential, curriculum-based school program aimed at children in kindergarten to grade seven that teaches students about healthy food: where it comes from, what it tastes like, how to prepare it and how to enjoy sharing it around a table.

Designed to immerse children in the process of cooking from preparation to clean-up, children gain knowledge about food; they discover the pleasure and satisfaction in creating meals for themselves and they develop the skills so that they can apply their new-found knowledge and abilities in making healthy food choices at home.

2018-2019 Project CHEF Application Form

Please note that Project CHEF is currently available to classrooms in the Vancouver School Board. Please complete this form by Tuesday, October 9th.

Program Information:

Project CHEF is a curriculum based experiential school program aimed at children in grades 4 and 5. The week-long program teaches two classes of children about healthy food: where it comes from, what it tastes like, how to prepare it and the enjoyment of sharing it around a table.

Project CHEF, a program administered by the Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB), partners with VSB to teach children about wholesome food. The program, through the GVFB, raises funds from charitable sources to run the program in Vancouver elementary schools with schools paying a fee to offset the total weekly cost to run the program. The number of schools Project CHEF will visit during the 2018 – 2019 school year will be dependent on fundraising.

Program Goals:

The children will:

  • Gain knowledge and skills necessary to make informed choices about the food they eat.
  • Develop skill and confidence in making culturally diverse, nutritious meals that comply with Canada’s Food Guide.
  • Apply principles of safety in the kitchen with regard to personal and kitchen cleanliness, food safety and safety using kitchen equipment and utensils.
  • Participate in the pleasures of shared meals at a table and become aware of social and cultural behaviours associated with meal service.
  • Work co-operatively with their peers, school staff, parents and community in promoting and enjoying healthy food choices.
  • Use environmentally sensitive food practises by using local foods, or foods sourced from as close to home as possible, recycling refuse, composting and using real dishes and cutlery.

Program Requirements

  • 2 classes of Grade 4 and/or 5 to participate (or split grades attached to these grade levels). Maximum students: 60.
  • Parent participation (3 or 4 parents per lesson)
  • A room to host the program for one week with: a sink with hot water, easily accessible fridge with space for food storage, six work stations for children (desk groupings or tables). Please ensure that the room we will be teaching the program in has no restrictions on its use during the week(s) we are in your school. We will set up the seven ‘kitchens’ on the first morning and once they are in place they will not be able to be taken down until the end of the program. High use areas/classes that may not be appropriate for the program are lunchrooms, staffrooms and rooms used for before or after school care. Photos of the class set-up can be seen in photos and video on our website, www.projectchef.ca.
  • Please ensure that the room we will be teaching in has sufficient electrical power to run seven cook-tops (seven separate electrical circuits) and that the electrical power has been sourced prior to our arrival. Check with the school engineer to determine the number of electrical circuits (not plugs) in the room. If there is insufficient power within the room, please arrange to have a temporary power panel installed for the duration of the program.  This can be arranged by ordering a temporary power panel, drop box, range plug extension cord and seven extension cords on the VSB Loan Requisition Form and arrange for a VSB electrician to install this just prior to the arrival of the program. VSB charges for this service. The Project CHEF team will wire in the ‘kitchen’ stations once we are in the school.
  • $1,500 fee (includes 5-day program for two classes, all equipment, materials and food, pro-rated for four-day weeks)
  • Teachers new to the Project CHEF program will attend a pro-d event to learn about the program and food education resources. The event date and details will be forthcoming.
  • A location must be provided for Project CHEF equipment bins to be stored over the weekend at the conclusion of the program. The equipment bins will be picked up by a Greater Vancouver Food Bank truck the following Monday morning.  It will be necessary to provide the Food Bank driver with access to the storage location on Monday morning so that they can pick up the equipment bins.

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