Jason Mackay

Jason Mackay is a partner at Pink Buffalo Films, a production company that has produced and directed a multitude of project types from US national commercials with million-dollar budgets to small-scale documentaries in far-flung countries. He is also a partner in True Calling Media, a network of professional digital content creators: filmmakers, writers, designers, and distribution experts who create content about people who are living a life they truly love — unrestricted access to the genuine advice, authentic experiences, and diverse perspectives of those who have taken their journey to find their true calling.

Jason is responsible for revenue generation, marketing and client relations. His passion within the business is driven by the love of connectedness, whether it’s connecting with a client or connecting an audience to a product or brand through the emotion that a well-made film can convey.

Born and raised is Vancouver, Jason has also lived in Hawaii and Montreal as a child. His love for travel and adventure took him all over the world and urged him to start businesses in Las Vegas, Chicago and Cancun, Mexico. As a result, he developed a deep sense of empathy, gratitude and the need for social good.

Jason hopes to use his experience and resources in storytelling and filmmaking to educate the public on the importance of accessible, healthy and sustainable food for all.