Will Shields

I come from a lifetime of giving back in both the for-profit and non-profit communities.

I am a ticketed, heavy industry tradesman with many years of standard and industrial first aid experience, community and planning commission management.

When I joined the Food Bank in 2001, I had a few years of resort/food and beverage management experience. I promised to stay for two years to help the Food Bank rebuild its Food Runners program. The two years turned to 12 as I put learned skills to work laying the foundation and then building the program.

At the same time, based on my industry experience, I always had large parts of facility management on the side of my desk. So after years of it trying to tip my desk over, I transitioned to managing the Food Bank’s facilities full time.

This makes for full days as I take care of the operation of our building and compounds, security issues, telecommunications and our fleet of 13 units. I also co-chair the Food Bank’s Health and Safety Committee.