A number of factors will determine the recipes you choose for your community kitchen.

Recipe Considerations

As mentioned on our Start a Kitchen page, consider the following when selecting recipes:

  • Participants with food allergies or sensitivities
  • Effective use of kitchen space and equipment
  • Sufficient time to prepare, cook, eat and clean up

For Assistance Regarding Food Allergies & Sensitivities

Cookbooks with Specialized Content

Recipes from other Community Kitchens

Recipes scaled for Large Groups

Community Kitchens cook a large amount of food, so it will save you time from calculating how much you need to increase of ingredients by, when there is a cookbook that provides recipes for large groups.   In addition to our Many Hands Cookbook,  we find this book is also a great resource when making foods in large quantities:

  • Tips and Recipes for Quantity Cooking: Nourishing Minds and Bodies. – This book created by the Dietitians of Canada was created to assist people who prepare food for sale to student (e.g. food services staff, chef instructors, caterers), but it could be used for community kitchens. It includes tips for choosing recipes, making substitutions and recipes.

Easy to Read Recipes

These cookbooks are helpful if you have participants who are low literacy and/or those whose English is a Second language.

  • Favorite Recipes from the Clinic: Cookbook and Cooking Dictionary  – These recipe books were created by registered dietitian, Robin Hicken for the Prenatal Nutrition Program for Woolwich Community Health Centre and are available online for free.  They just take a little while to load due to the drawings & photos.  Be patient – it’s worth the wait!

    Indigenous Resources

    Take a look at our listing of resources relating to Indigenous cooking & foods.