Recipes & Additional Resources

A number of factors will determine the recipes you choose for your community kitchen.

There are lots of quick and easy recipes on the internet but our tried and true ones are:

Leanne Brown’s Eat Well on $4/ Day: Download the pdf version

Budget Bytes


Downloadable Community Kitchen Manuals

Winnipeg Cooks Together- A Handbook for Community Kitchens

Cowichan Community Kitchen Manual

Community Kitchen Best Practices Toolkit: A Guide for Community Organizations in Newfoundland and Labrador


Additional Resources

Dietician Services at Healthlink BC  or call 8-1-1 from your phone

Canadian Food Inspection Agency; resources on Food safety and recalls

Government of Canada Food Guide New 2019 Guide

Best Before Dates

Guidelines for distributing food past the best before dates:

Richmond Food Bank: How to read Best Before Dates


BC Poverty Reduction Coalition– Run campaigns to raise awareness about poverty issues as well as campaigns that push forward ideas and policy to governments. A great resource for templates for writing letters to the government and resources to get involved.

Raise the Rates Raise the Rates is a coalition of community groups and organizations concerned with the level of poverty and homelessness in British Columbia. Run Campaigns

Food Secure Canada Focus is on Canada Wide Policy in Food Security. Website has resource


Vancouver Tenants Union 

  • Membership Team
  • Outreach and Advocacy Team
  • Communication Team
  • City Hall Team
  • Data Tools Working Group


Neighbourhood Food Networks  

Each neighbhourhood has group of people living and working in the neighbourhood. They focus on Food security issues (people have access to healthy nutritious foods), education and engagement; building community and food justice issues.

Food Asset Maps

Vancouver Food Network An interactive map of each neighbourhood and their activities

North Shore

Burnaby Food Asset Directory