Host A Food Drive

Start a food drive in your school or organization to collect perishable food items to support your community.

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Host a Virtual Food Drive

The Virtual Food Drive is a simple, fun and secure way to fundraise online with your colleagues, friends and family. Donate through our virtual shopping experience and allow us to purchase healthy and fresh food for our clients.

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Share on Social Media

When donors share their fundraiser, about 30% of the time it results in a new donation of $15 on average.

Workplace Fundraiser

See who can raise the most money in your office, or fundraise together towards a common goal!

Raffle or 50/50

Have a raffle or 50/50 draw at your event, and donate the proceeds to support families in need.

Special Occasions

Ask friends and families to donate to your fundraiser in lieu of gifts at your birthday party or wedding.

Food Drive

This is a fun way to get your class, company, or friends to learn what food is needed at the GVFB. Take our Top 10 Most Needed Items card, and ask the participants to shop for the items on the list. Remember, for each dollar you spend, the GVFB can turn it into almost three dollars – and our purchasing power allows us to buy products in bulk, which is much more efficient than sorting individual cans that are donated!

A Virtual Food Drive

This option is perfect for busy professionals and companies. First set up a branded page on our Virtual Food Drive website, and you can start collecting online donations by simply sharing a customized URL with your personalized blurb and image. Ask your employer to match your donation to double your impact! We have fundraising specialists in-house to support your fundraiser every step of the way.

Let's Get Started!

Download this guide that contains lots of helpful tips for getting started with your own food drive for GVFB.

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Food Drop Off Locations

Here's a list of GVFB grocery store and fire hall food drop-off locations for donations of 5 to 10 bags/boxes or less.


Key Messaging Infographic

Download our key messaging infographic for the latest stats of the GVFB.



Need GVFB official logos for your food drive, fundraiser, or other donation-driving event? Grab them here.


Top 10 Most Needed Items

Download the top 10 most needed food items postcard.


Ways to Donate

Grab this poster of ways to donate and most-needed donation items, and put it up at your work or event!