The GVFB is committed to providing healthy food for people in need.

The GVFB has continued to find new ways to extend our reach, providing nutritious food for our clients while reducing the waste of perfectly healthy, perishable foods.

As an organization, we continue to adapt and grow in our operations. Through the generosity of our donors and out-of-the-box style, the GVFB can plan our food purchases and operational expenses and create more efficient operations. We are working on building healthy communities through fair and effective food systems.

Uncharitable speaks to our mission and disrupts expectations around the critical work charities do in your community, and around the world.

“What if everything we’ve been taught about charity is wrong? What if our beliefs are undermining the causes we love? “Uncharitable” is the world’s first feature-length documentary to examine our most basic ideas about giving. It re-shuffles old notions about saints and sinners, heroes and heretics, good and greed. It follows the stories of three record-breaking entrepreneurial charitable initiatives that were mercilessly attacked by the media, ultimately devastating the very people the initiatives were helping.

It features activist and entrepreneur Dan Pallotta, whose TED Talk on charity was voted the most persuasive TED talk of all time by the TED community. Directed by Stephan Gyllenhaal – “Uncharitable” offers a radical but simple idea: abandon our sack-cloth-and-ashes constraints on nonprofits. Give them the same economic freedoms we give to business and charities can lead the way to changing the world.

Propelled by poignant, personal stories and featuring Edward Norton, Darren Walker and other prominent figures in philanthropy, “Uncharitable” takes audiences on a profoundly moving, hopeful and emotional journey that opens new domains of possibility for a world that can work for everyone.”

– write up from Apple TV