Food Skills Workshops

GVFB trains and supports community kitchen facilitators. We offer a variety of workshops and support to our network of trainers.

Food Skills Workshops are an opportunity for people to gather around food, to share food knowledge, and skills. Where appropriate, our workshops include discussions on nutritional information, budget cooking, reading and altering recipes, mindful eating, food systems, and food safety.

Workshops are open to GVFB clients, volunteers and to the public free of charge.  When possible recipe for the workshops focus on easy to prepare meals using fresh local foods offered to our clients.

Food Preservation Workshops

Water Bath Canning

Participants will learn:

  • Difference between high and low acid foods
  • Pectin, what it is and what it does
  • Necessary and “nice to have” equipment
  • Tips and tricks for canning all year round
  • Choose between a hands-on activity of making jam or pickles

Pressure Canning

Participants will learn:

  • Difference between high and low acid foods; when to use the hot water bath and when to use the pressure canner
  • Choose between canning dried beans or meat
  • Workshop includes making a shared dish together using foods often pressure canned

Small Batch Vegetable Fermenting

Participant will learn:

  • The basics of “lacto fermenting” and how to do it in small batches at home
  • Two methods of lacto fermenting and when to use what method depending on vegetables available
  • Everyone will prepare and mix their own jar of sauerkraut to take home


Participants will learn:

  • Ingredients necessary to make kimchi (NOTE: this recipe uses fish sauce and shrimp)
  • The steps to prepare kimchi
  • As a group, we’ll prepare a giant batch of kimchi
  • Everyone takes a jar home

Community Food Preservers Meetup

  • A month group that meets to learn and share food preservation techniques. We focus on 1-2 foods and preserving in large batches using various techniques such as pressure canning, water bath canning, freezing and fermenting.
  • One Saturday a month, 10am-2pm



Participants will learn:

  • The difference between meat/vegetable stocks and bone broths
  • Discuss different broths on the market and compare sodium labels
  • Make 3-4 different soups together

1 Pot Cooking (cooking for 1 or 2)

Participants will learn:

  • 3–5 quick and easy recipes that use one pot and fewer ingredients
  • Recipes are based on food often offered through the Agency program and GVFB Hubs