Donation Thank You

Thank you for your gift supporting the Greater Vancouver Food Bank . Your donation helps families and individuals in our community have access to healthy and fresh food, as well as food education and training in a respectful and caring environment.

Almost 40% of those whom you help are children and seniors. With your support the Greater Vancouver Food Bank can ensure that they have access to nutritious food they may not get otherwise.

Your donation will help each and every person who comes through our doors to return home with healthy, nutritious food for themselves and their family.

Thank you again for your gift today. You help to make a life a little easier for people in our community.

You will receive an email shortly with the details of your donation. Please note that your credit card statement information may refer to “Mississauga”. This will appear only while your transaction is still pending and is the location of the processing facility. This does not mean that donations are being used outside of Greater Vancouver.