Nutritional Programs

Designed for children from birth to 12 years old and seniors 65+ years old.

Specialized Nutrition Programs

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank offers 10 – 14 grocery items every week, and sometimes more depending on the extra perishable donations we have at the time. The amount of food you receive is based on the number of people in your household. The menu of food available changes weekly, and includes a selection of fruits, vegetables, bread, yogurt, canned beans, soups and stews, canned fish and chicken, pasta, sauces, canned fruits, rice, and peanut butter. Milk and eggs are available once per month. 

We offer three Children’s Programs each month: Baby Steps (Age 0 – 2), Preschooler Packs (Age 2 – 5), and Grade Schooler Packs (Age 6 – 12). We also offer a Seniors’ Program, which caters to the needs of our senior clients ages 65+.

Baby Steps

Once a month (week 1) we provide:

  • Formula, baby food, baby snacks and cereal for babies from birth to 12-months-old
  • Eggs, cereal, milk, cheese, and fruits for babies from 13 to 24-months-old
  • Diapers for children up to 36-months-old

Preschooler Pack

Once a month (week 1) we provide:

Highly nutritious, age-appropriate food for 2 – 5-year-olds that is high in iron and protein to promote brain and muscle development. Ingredients include fish, chicken and turkey, whole grain cereals, wraps and breads, cheese, hemp hearts, oranges and more!

Grade Schooler Pack

Once a month (week 2) we provide:

A healthy mix of proteins, grains, dairy and fresh produce for our 6 – 12-year-old clients including cereals, eggs, milk, yogurt, canned fish high in Omega-3 fatty acids, Annie’s macaroni and cheese, cucumbers and tzatziki, snap peas and hummus, avocadoes and more!

Seniors' Pack

Once a month (week 3) we provide:

A healthy mix of age-appropriate food for 65+ year-olds that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Our menu includes lean proteins, whole-grain bread, cheese, nutrition shakes, bok choy, bananas, and more!