Community Agency Partners

The GVFB provides food support to 141 local organizations.

What are Agencies?

We provide food to our Community Agency Partners (CAPs) on a weekly basis. The support we provide is designed to meet the needs of a variety of programs, from small scale food banks serving up to 450 people to monthly community kitchens. Our CAPs include housing agencies, neighbourhood houses, community kitchen groups, after school programs, transition houses, First Nations centres, and many others.

Types of Programs

Basic Pantry and Fresh Market

CAPs in this program can pick up fresh, non-perishable and frozen items for their food programs.

Community Capacity Program

This program was designed to provide a consistent supply of food to small scale food banks with sufficient cold storage serving up to 450 people per week.

Kitchen & Household Program

We offer kitchen supplies, cleaning products and other non-food items, such as bedding. Our CAPs can access this program pending product availability.

Special Requests

Do you need food support to improve food security programming for those in need? If so, we’re here to help!

Please note that the approval of your request will be dependent on the availability of food and the time of the year.

To access this program, please download and complete the form below.

Additional Resources

The following resources provide important information for our Community Agency Partners. 

Community Agency Partners Map

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