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Did you know that 17% of our Food Bank clients are seniors? With so many people to support, the Seniors’ Program is the most expensive supplemental nutritional program that we run. It provides foods that are high in lean protein, low in sodium and easy to eat.

You’ll help seniors like Yolanda, a former volunteer and current Food Bank client. Yolanda is helping to care for her grandson because his mom was laid off during the pandemic and his dad’s hours were cut in half. Yolanda is doing her best to help her son out with expenses while also trying to feed a growing young boy.

Yolanda visited the Food Bank recently for some help. She says, “My grandson, he eats everything in the fridge. But it’s really been a blessing to be honest.”

Will you help ensure that seniors in your community receive healthy, nutritious food to eat—and to share with their family and loved ones?


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