Will you help put food on a family’s table this Christmas?

This year, the holidays will look very different for thousands of neighbours living in our community. As COVID-19 persists, we, unfortunately, do not expect the need for food support to decrease any time soon. This is why your gift today is so vitally important.

Your donation will help Marlon feed his family.

Marlon, his wife and four children moved here from Nicaragua in late 2018. It's been challenging for Marlon to find steady, full-time work during the pandemic. He's currently the sole income-earner for the family and is doing the best he can with two part-time jobs.

Thankfully, a friend told Marlon about the Food Bank last year and he now receives their weekly food allotment and Grade-Schooler Packs for the children.  

As Christmas approaches, Marlon and his family will miss celebrating with extended family back in Nicaragua. However, they would still love to keep the spirit of Christmas alive with a nice feast and fun gifts for the children.

He says, "It's so great not to worry about having enough food. Now I can focus on making this Christmas unforgettable for my children." 

Thank you for giving families like Marlon's the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have enough food to feed your kids!


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