This newsletter includes information on how we collect Agency Program metrics and produce data reports, as well as updates and pictures from the GVFB to demonstrate how we work together to provide healthy food to those in need.

November 2020 CAP Impact Survey

In November we asked 84 Agency Partners to complete our bi-annual CAP Impact Survey.

Agencies were asked to share how their food programming has changed since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, as well as the multitude of other ways their operations have been affected.

Operational Updates
  • We have implemented new safety measures as a response to COVID-19 and are now requiring all Agencies to wear masks when visiting our warehouse, with Agencies booked into each 30 minute time slot.
  • Our Community Agency Team has grown and we now have 3 full time staff members to support our wonderful Agencies.
  • We have successfully welcomed 10 New Agencies, bringing the total number of Partners that we support to 94.
  • The Greater Vancouver Food Bank was a finalist for a Burnaby Business Excellence Award, in the category of Not for Profit Organization of the Year.
  • Our Community Capacity Program is now supporting 16 Agencies. Through this program, we provide food to support up to 450 people weekly so they can run their own hamper programs. Through federal funding we have given out 34 Refrigeration Units for a value of $184,692.
Agencies in Action

July – December 2020 Agency Program Data

Our Bi-Annual Impact Report includes compiled data from July – December 2020. We created the Community Capacity Program in response to the pandemic and to shift to a more sustainable model. In summary, the addition of our Community Capacity Program has allowed us to support more people each week. Individual visits each week for food access has increased by 123%, compared to the previous reporting period (January – June 2020).

  • We distributed a grand total of 1,283,546 lbs of food to CAPs
  • That’s 89,136 individual visits for food access through CAPs
  • CAPs received 33,405 lbs of food, with an in-kind value of $87,521
  • 1,226 Kitchen Equiment items were distributed, which equals to an in-kind value of $8,703
  • Through the Basic Pantry Program, CAPs accessed 190, 292 lbs of food. That’s an in-kind value of $464,663
  • 21 CAPs in the Community Capacity Program received 828,767 lbs of dry, fresh and mixed products
  • We distributed 231,082 lbs of dry, fresh and frozen food to CAPs through the Fresh Market Program
To Calculate the Total Individual Visits

Total lbs of food / Average lbs distributed per person (through GVFB direct distribution) over the past 6 months = Total individual visits for food access through CAPs

The GVFB Sort Team

Did you know that our Sort Team is currently comprised of 4 GVFB staff and daily volunteers who work together to sort through donations that come to the GVFB? This team keeps our Agency cooler, freezer, dry bulk and kitchen shelves well stocked and ready for Agencies to access during their visits. Our amazing Sort Team goes through roughly 6 – 10 crates a day, with each weighing on average 250 – 300 pounds.

After reviewing donations that come into the GVFB to ensure products fall within our Food Distribution Guidelines, this team then groups products into our GVFB sort categories making it easy for our Supply Chain Specialist to plan for how to best redistribute to our Agency Partners and Clients!