You’re keeping families healthy! 

Your amazing support of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank helps many people across Greater Vancouver who are struggling with health challenges that prevent them from working. 

Solomon is a sweet, soft-spoken single dad raising three kids – an 8-year-old boy and 13-year-old twins. He comes to the Food Bank once a week to receive fresh, healthy food for his kids – and for himself. 

Solomon says, “Thank you for saving me from stress. I was not healthy until I started going to the Food Bank, especially due to my injury. Many people lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and the Food Bank has been there for them. Thank you everyone for helping.” 

One thing Solomon really notices is that the quality of food has improved a lot since the first time he came to the Food Bank. 

“There’s more fresh fruit and vegetables now. Plus, you can get eggs, milk and meat too!” 

Today, Solomon is just so grateful his kids don’t have to go hungry while he recovers – and that’s all thanks to your amazingly compassionate gifts. 

Thank you for giving Solomon the chance to heal while still giving his kids the fresh and nutritious food they need to grow up strong and healthy! 

Giving monthly so people can reach their full potential.  

Marion is a retired teacher who gives generously each month so people in need can have access to fresh and nutritious food. 

Marion has a long history of volunteering with food organizations, such as local soup kitchens and her local neighbourhood house. She’s worked with seniors struggling with isolation – and particularly loves seeing how food can bring people together regardless of their culture or ethnic background. 

When asked why she gives to the Food Bank, Marion says, “I’m really lucky. I’m comfortable. I’m living in a place that’s paid for. I have a decent pension… I have pretty much anything that I need or want. And, you know, if I can help somebody out, then I think it’s great… If you’re not getting your needs met, and food is one of your huge needs, then you can’t develop to your full potential.”  

We thank you Marion, and all of our loyal monthly donors who give so people have access to fresh and nutrient-rich food all year long! For Marion’s full profile, please click here.

You’re giving seniors some extra-special support! 

We know that seniors are some of our community’s most vulnerable citizens. That’s why, with your amazing support, we’re thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of a special program designed specifically for seniors! 

Our first ever Seniors’ Program will include food with a high nutritional component that is easy to eat and prepare. A staple of the program will be nutrition shakes, accompanied by foods such as low sodium/high protein deli meats and whole wheat buns, yogurt, oatmeal, cheeses, and some quick meals like low sodium hearty soups and chilis. Your generosity ensures we always have a selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables for our seniors to take home as well. 

Our specialized programs, are developed in consultation with a dietitian using a meal-based approach. Adding a Seniors Pack to someone’s weekly food allotment provides them with specific foods for each meal.  

Many seniors live alone, and cooking for just yourself can be a lonely task. Add food insecurity into the household, and you can quickly see how so many seniors in our communities are suffering from malnutrition. 

With your heartfelt support, we can fill more seniors’ cupboards and fridges with healthy food they will look forward to eating – and that’s simple for them to prepare. 

You provide healthy meals to youth in crisis.

Directions Youth Services supports youth under the age of 25 who are in crisis or experiencing homelessness as a result of abuse, neglect, substance use, or mental health challenges. 

Your gifts help Directions provide hot, nutritious meals, as well as snacks for youth at their Drop-In Service Centre. Sylvia Elliott, the Food Program Coordinator at Directions, says, “Food is crucial to many of our clients who experience malnutrition or face barriers accessing food resources. It is also important to understand that a meal served can affect someone’s day significantly in a good or bad way, and we try our best to ensure that our clients receive food that can brighten their day.” 

Sylvia notes that about 75% of the ingredients they use to make dinners and hot breakfasts are from the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. 

They really do rely on the food you help provide in order to feed youth in crisis every single day. 

Thank you for giving from your heart to feed youth struggling with homelessness. 

You’re connecting women in safety – with food! 

Dixon Transition Society provides a safe haven for women and children leaving domestic violence. 

We sat down to speak with Claire, the operations manager at Dixon, about how the food they receive impacts their clients.  

She says, “Food is a huge part of Dixon. The house constantly smells of different aromas depending on what the women are cooking that day… Food is so important, because it allows our clients to connect with each other. Some people may not realize that part of abuse can be telling the woman what to cook and how to cook it, and this gives women the opportunity to cook what they want.”  

Claire also mentioned that Dixon’s clients are grateful to save money on groceries so they can purchase other essentials, like medication, bus tickets or kids’ clothing. 

Thank you for giving women and children food security as they transition away from domestic violence. 

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Thank you for your support!