Donate Equipment

 If you’re planning a kitchen makeover, downsizing your life, or simply tackling the clutter in your kitchen, please keep our Equipment Room in mind.

Large-scale cooking requires plenty of good equipment, but it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Solid, dependable cooking equipment from the Food Bank’s Equipment Room serves organizations and agencies running community kitchens or similar programs across Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver and New Westminster.

Please review the list below before sending things our way OR print the list of equipment that we can accept.

What we can accept:

  • Equipment should still be in good shape. (Ask yourself: “If necessary, would I keep using this?”)
  • Equipment should have all its parts and pieces. (We do not have the staff to search for replacement parts).
  • Larger pots, pans and utensils are more useful because community kitchens cook in big quantities.
  • Do you have specific tools for preparing cultural dishes? They’re especially welcome because many community kitchens serve immigrant communities.
  • Drinking glasses
  • Cutlery

What we cannot accept:

  • Table décor items (e.g., candleholders, napkin holders or tablecloths)
  • Lids (that come with no pot or pan that fits)
  • Pots/Frying Pans that are badly burned, have scratched Teflon or are 6” or less in size
  • Jars (mayonnaise, pasta sauce or GEM jars)
  • Mugs and wine glasses
  • Appliances that are broken or have missing parts (Please take to Return-It for electronic recycling.)
  • Cookbooks  (Please donate to your local library or thrift store.)
  • Wine glasses

How to get equipment to us:

  • The Equipment Room is located at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society at 1150 Raymur Avenue in Vancouver.
  • Please contact us to make arrangements regarding your donation. Warehouse staff need authorization from our staff before they can accept any equipment deliveries. Otherwise, they are turned away.
  • If you have a large item such as an appliance to donate, we may put the word out to our network to see if we can find it a new home. If that works, we will connect the two parties so that they can make delivery arrangements. All appliances must be in good working condition.