We love developing new partnerships within our community to reach more people in need of food support. In the Additional Resources section, you will find our Agency Information Booklet for details on partnership requirements if you are looking to develop a food program or if your existing programs could use additional support.

Special requests

Do you need food support to host your community event? We’re here to help even if you are not an existing CAP. If you are not an existing CAP to the GVFB, you are welcome to submit up to two requests annually. Please note that the approval of your request will be dependent on the availability of food items in our warehouse, and the time of the year.

Kitchen Equipment

Our Kitchen Equipment Program provides additional assistance to our CAPs by offering kitchen supplies and appliances. We aim to reduce the costs of community food programs by providing much-needed donated equipment, from everyday kitchen gadgets to freezers. For the Kitchen Equipment Request Order Form, please see the Additional Resources section below.

Workshops + training

Due to safety protocols regarding COVID-19, The GVFB is pausing all workshops for the time being. Thank you for your patience.

CAP Team Contact

We are here to help! Please don't hesitate to email or call if you have any questions at all.