Community Food Hubs offer clients a choice of up to 13 grocery items every week. The menu of food available changes weekly, and includes a selection of fruits, vegetables, bread, yogurt, canned beans, canned fish, pasta, sauces, canned fruits, rice, and peanut butter. Milk and eggs are available once per month.

  • The GVFB provides a 2-3 day food supplement. The amount of food you will receive is based on the number of people in your household
Once a month we provide:
  • Diapers for children under 3 years of age
  • Formula for children under 18 months
  • Preschooler Packs for children aged 2-5 years

Don’t forget to bring your own bags or carts to carry food home!

If you are in need of more support, our knowledgeable staff and volunteers are available to provide information and access to community resources. Hubs also host a variety of community partners on a rotating basis, including community librarians, public health practitioners, and dieticians.

The GVFB provides a service for people experiencing hunger. We share donated and purchased food and household items directly with individuals and families through our Community Food Hubs.

24% of individuals accessing Greater Vancouver Food Bank Community Food Hubs are seniors and 24% children; 21% of client households have one member living with a physical disability

Respect Policy:

Respectful service for all.

Everyone has the right to:

  • Be treated with patience, understanding, dignity and respect
  • Be treated equally
  • A safe physical and emotional space

We expect everyone to respect these principles in order to create a safe welcoming environment for all.

Your privacy is important to us. Photo and videos are not allowed at sites without GVFB approval, and consent from clients and volunteers.

We want to hear from you!

Please share your Community Food Hub experience with the GVFB:

Phone: 604-876-3601

Email: [email protected]

What time should I come?

Time zones reduce wait times. You will receive a
coloured sticker on your client card to indicate your
time zone.
Time zone order:
1. Priority Mobility*
2. Families with children under 6 years of age
3. Seniors (55+)
4. All remaining clients

*Priority Mobility is for clients unable to stand for long periods or
who require assistance shopping. To access this service, please
bring a doctor’s note stating whether this condition is temporary
(with length of time) or permanent. Priority Mobility is not the
same as being on PWD; a doctor’s note is required.

I lost my card/ I forgot my card

I lost my card

Please come as usual to the Food Bank during your
time zone. You will need to provide valid photo
ID showing proof of address. The person at the
registration table can print a new card for you. Only
your newest card will work.

To reduce your wait time, arrive in
the last half of your time zone.

I forgot my card.

Please come to the food bank during your time zone.
Provide a piece of valid photo ID, and the person
scanning cards can look up your account to record
your visit for the day. We will not be able to provide
food for you again without your client card.


I am unable to pick up food at my local Food Hub. Can someone else pick up food for me?

We allow someone else to pick up food for you for a specific medical reason, with a defined timeline. The authorization form must be filled out by your doctor or healthcare professional, the person who will be picking up food for you, and yourself.

There is a 2-month time limit on this option.
The person picking up food for you MUST bring your client card to the Community Food Hub

Can I still access food with no ID?

No, we do require ID to register as a client to ensure
people live within our catchment areas. Referral letters
from social service agencies are accepted as ID, if you
do not yet have BC ID.

Can I register with no fixed address?

No, we do require proof of address in our catchment
areas. Also, the food we provide requires cooking
facilities. We will provide you with a snack bag, and
the name of a nearby community agency that can
support you.

Is there extra support for children?

Yes, we provide the following monthly add-ons:
• Birth – 18 months —> Formula
• 6 – 18 months —> Baby cereal
• 6 – 24 months —> Baby food
• Birth – 3 years —> Diapers
• 2 – 5 years —> Preschooler Pack

I need more food support. What can I do?

The GVFB cannot adjust the amount of food
distributed at the Hubs. If you need more help, please
let us know and we would be happy to provide you
with the name of some community agencies in your