The GVFB provides food support to 150 community and provincial organizations.

What are Agencies?

We provide regular food support to Community and Provincial Agencies, with 45% of our outbound food directed to these organizations. The support we provide allows us to meet the needs of various programs, from Food Banks that support hundreds of people each week to local community kitchens that provide support to a handful of people in need.

Our Agencies include neighbourhood houses, community kitchen groups, after-school programs, transition houses, First Nations centers, additional food banks across the province, and many others.

How We Support Agencies

Our goal is to assist our partnerships by not only providing them with healthy food to distribute, but also setting them up to expand and improve their programs further.

Food Support

We are proud to provide nutritious food to our existing Agency Partners through various programs, including our Community Market, Community Capacity and Provincial Pallet Programs. We also support non-partnered Agencies through our Market Request Program, on a case-by-case basis, based on availability.

We provided more than 3 million lbs of food to our Agencies in our 2023 fiscal year. 


We are thrilled to provide funding opportunities to our Agencies through a Grant Program. In this way, we can offer sustainable support and long-lasting impact to our community. In 2023, we provided over $380,000 in grant funding to 67 Agencies towards their food security initiatives for refrigeration, kitchen equipment, program labour, and food purchasing. We will continue to offer grant opportunities annually based on the availability of funds. 

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Community Agency


For Agencies within the GVFB local areas of Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and the North Shore.

Provincial Agency


For Agencies outside our local area within British Columbia.

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