GVFB Garden

During the pandemic, we realized how fragile the food system is and the impact it has on the most vulnerable populations. For this reason, urban gardens became a key “ingredient” to meeting the community’s food needs.

At the GVFB, we have cultivated an area of ​​almost 20 square meters, yielding approximately 7 lbs. per square meter.

In this garden, we have grown herbs, greens, beans, onions, garlic, corn, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, pumpkins, and even watermelons!… distributing these products to over 40 different agencies.

Demonstrating that in Vancouver, we can produce highly nutritious and high-quality food in the backyard of our homes.


Provincial Agencies

Most people are aware that we support 138 Community Agencies. What you may not know is that we also support several Provincial Agencies. Over the past six months, we have sent 243,555 pounds of food to these partners.

As we all know, the ongoing wildfires greatly impacted thousands of people throughout BC. The GVFB stepped up to meet this challenge and provide emergency food support.

In collaboration with Sysco, we were able to send 53,281 pounds of food to support the food banks near the affected area and the people who were impacted by the fires.

Agency Grant Highlight

Between July 2022 and June 2023, our team successfully launched two Grant Program Cycles, fueled by our donors’ generous support and government funding. In this period, we allocated a total of $380,824 worth of funding to all our Agency Partners.

This funding has allowed agencies the freedom to address their specific needs, purchase necessary items such as refrigeration, food supplies, and kitchen equipment. The funds were used by Basic Pantry, Fresh Market, & Community Capacity Programs.

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