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GVFB Team Feature

Hirendra (Harry) is one of the newest drivers responsible for picking up and delivering healthy food to our communities, including the Vancouver CAP Market (VCM)!

He drives far and wide across the lower mainland, from our industry partners such as Windset Farms and Superstore to our Community Capacity Partners such as Purpose Society and South Vancouver Neighbourhood House.

“I enjoy driving at the GVFB because of all the different people I meet and the different places I get to see.”

Agency Highlight

Jim Green Residence, operated by Lookout Housing and Health Society, offers permanent supportive housing to 68 low-income individuals in the Downtown Eastside. Since joining two years ago, they have picked up a variety of fresh, non-perishable, and frozen food almost every week to go toward their hamper and food programs.

“Our clients love the reliability and variety of food from the Food Bank. The demand from our residents has grown greatly since our partnership began and the cost of living has gone up. We are very happy with the selection and quality of food we can access.”

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Agency Grant Highlight

With a combination of support from our donors and government funding, we launched our third Grant program that provided $313,782 worth of funding to our Community Agency Partners. The funds used went towards the following categories: Operational Needs, Program Labour, and Food Purchasing.

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