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GVFB Team Feature

Meet Sabrina – our newest member of the Community Agency Partner (CAP) team! Sabrina transferred from our Distribution department, and she brings with her a wide array of experience when it comes to helping the community.

In her new role as the Agencies Administrator, Sabrina is responsible for liaising with our CAPs and addressing their day-to-day inquiries.

“It makes me so happy to be part of the solution of getting food to our CAPs. It is such a rewarding job, and I look forward to meeting you all!”

Agency Highlight

Whole Way House provides community-building programs and tenant support services to low-income seniors, veterans, families and vulnerable residents to build a healthy community in non-profit housing.  Our food support goes towards providing healthy breakfasts for over 150 residents on a regular basis and over 200 individuals on special occasions.

“By working together with the GVFB, we are able to help feed vulnerable seniors living in the DTES and elsewhere. That level of support would not be possible without them.”

Agency Grant Highlight

With a combination of support from our donors and government funding, we launched our fourth Grant program that provided $67,042 worth of funding to 14 of our new Community Agency Partners that were onboarded in February 2023. The funds used went towards the following categories: Operational Needs, Program Labour, and Food Purchasing.

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