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Get ready for Open House and Food Bank Day with these Food Bank Facts

1. One out of every three food bank users in British Columbia is a child

2. Eight thousand seniors over the age 65 access a food bank in B.C. each month
3. More than half of B.C.’s food banks are in rural areas and most of these are run by volunteers
4. Ucluelet’s Food Bank of the Edge is the most westerly food bank in BC and serves 152 people per month
5. The most northerly food bank is in Fort Nelson serving 200 people per month
6. The smallest food bank in B.C. is in Tumbler Ridge with 28 clients each month

7. Close to 4,000 babies under the age of two receive help from a food bank in B.C. every month
8. An estimated four billion dollars worth of food is wasted every year in British Columbia
9. Each month BC food banks provide almost half a million meals through shelters, soup kitchens and school lunch programs
10. There are one hundred food banks in British Columbia
11. Many of B.C.’s food banks distribute donated pet food
12. Money donated to food banks is used to purchase healthy perishable foods like fruit, vegetables, diary and proteins like fish, beef and poultry
13. More than half of food bank users are from single parent families
14. Almost 30% of food bank users are on a disability related income
15.  Total visits to food banks in British Columbia each month is 124,713