Can you imagine the stress of not knowing how or when you will have your next meal? Unfortunately, this has become a daily reality for many of our neighbours in the Downtown Eastside.

Thankfully, through the fantastic outreach and compassion of the First United Church, one of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank’s 115 Community Agency Partners, many have had their lives completely transformed.

Margret from First United Church Social Housing

Located in the heart of the Downtown Eastside, First United Church offers a variety of services and programs to help meet the needs of their community. Whether it’s providing nourishing warm meals, offering legal support or emergency shelter, they strive to increase the overall wellness of their clients’ bodies, minds, and spirits.

With the help of our weekly food support their breakfast and lunch meal programs provide up to 150,000 delicious and nourishing meals each year. That’s approximately 200 meals a day!

“In addition to ensuring community members aren’t hungry, serving meals offers the daily ritual of the community coming together with friends and neighbours. Connecting with First United staff is an entry point for additional programs and services that our clients might need.” – Keely Hale, Director of Programs at First United Church Community Ministry Society.

Using beef provided by the GVFB, one of their clients’ favourite lunches is the beef plate served over brown rice. Check out this fantastic recipe below!

As Herb, a 70-year-old resident who stayed at their shelter cheerfully stated: “The food is real food. It has the best food in town!”

When you support the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, you’re helping to ensure that our at-risk neighbours are well fed, and at least not at risk of going hungry. You’re helping families feed their children, so they can learn and play fuelled by the nutrition they need to grow.

The First United Church team, along with the thousands of clients they help each year are so grateful for your support. “You may never meet the people you’re helping, but there are thousands of full bellies around Vancouver because of your help and because of the Food Bank, including in the Downtown Eastside,” says Keely, “thank you for all your support!”