Soraya: Feeding her future

Your compassion helps those struggling with the exorbitant cost of living in Greater Vancouver: from families, to seniors, to students. Since the beginning of 2022, we have seen an influx of international students seeking food support. 19-year-old Soraya moved to Vancouver in December 2021.

As an international student, she hasn’t been able to find a job that works with her busy class schedule. Soraya is very grateful for the fresh produce and healthy grains and cereals she receives weekly — thanks to your generosity! It eases her mind knowing that she can rely on the Food Bank and kind donors like you as she pursues her degree.

“Thank you so much… food is just what I need right now, and you are giving it to me. I really appreciate the quality food at the Food Bank,” says Soraya.


Food costs soaring for Canadians. You help close the gap!

You’ve likely seen it on your own grocery bill each week: Food prices in Canada are soaring! Meat, bread and fruit prices have
increased significantly over the past year. It’s the largest increase we’ve seen in the past 30 years. All of us are affected for sure, but it really affects the most vulnerable in our community. More and more people are reaching out for help — at the same time that our own costs are soaring.

Thank you for staying by our side — your ongoing support is so vitally important!


You’re supporting local communities: South Vancouver Neighbourhood House Thanks to you!

Here’s just one example of how your generosity helps make communities stronger. South Vancouver Neighbourhood House (SVNH) is one of the Food Bank’s 119 Community Agency Partners that receive weekly food support for their various meal programs. Since April 2020, 8 SVNH volunteers have helped prepare and deliver 14,762 frozen meals for 206 seniors living in their community. Led by Randy, their fantastic chef, SVNH volunteers plan and prep up to 13 culturally diverse and nutritionally balanced meals for those seeking food support every week.

From grilled steelhead salmon to Vietnamese lemongrass chicken, and baked basa — all of the incredible dishes going out to the South Vancouver community have been made possible with ingredients from the GVFB — and your amazing support.

Your donations help provide fresh and healthy ingredients for our 119 agency partners to support their neighbourhoods. Thank you!


Thanks to you! In the words of our Community Agency Partners

“GVFB has contributed an astounding $97,397 in financial support and food to our KidSafe programming since 2014. This partnership allows us to provide food for our families and also allows for choice, which is greatly appreciated. Thank you!” — The KidsSafe Project Society

“The students in our lunch program have never been so happy with the meals you are providing them. If it weren’t for this program, I could NEVER have afforded the selection and quality of food I am receiving from the GVFB. I feel so proud of the ability to provide the students with so many choices and introduce them to the food they never had the opportunity to have before.” — Wanita at Burnaby South Secondary School

“I want to take my time to thank you for all the great things you all do. My staff are constantly expressing gratitude and praise for the loving community all your staff create. They always enjoy coming into the space and having friendly smiles assist them in picking up for our youth! We love you all and appreciate your efforts to help vulnerable populations in need.” — Ligia at Odyssey II


A reliable source of food – and caring – each and every month!

“Everyone needs to eat to survive, but food is about more than survival – it is also about caring.” — Karen, a loyal monthly donor

Karen has worked as a teacher and administrator in Vancouver at five different schools for over 25 years. She has witnessed the generosity and good intentions of staff and students in their annual food drives. However, Karen also noticed the varying levels of quality in the food donations coming in through food drives. She thought, “What good is that package of instant noodles or dented can of green beans going to do for a hungry family?”

That’s when Karen decided to donate a percentage of her monthly grocery bill to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. And, she’s been doing so since 2005! “The Food Bank can stretch my dollar to buy twice as much amazing food that hungry families (and students) desperately need.”

We’re so grateful to you Karen, and to all of our monthly Full Heart Club members!

These loyal friends help fill in the gaps throughout the year — times when giving is less top of mind. They make sure there is always a steady source of funding we can use for essential daily operations and nutrition programs.

If you’d like more information or would like to join the Full Heart Club as a monthly supporter, please contact Mandy Wu at 604-216-2328 or by e-mail at [email protected].