About Community Kitchens

Community kitchens build community as participants establish and nurture friendships, increase their food and nutritional knowledge as well as their culinary skills.

Community kitchens can bring people together at community centres, neighbourhood houses, apartment buildings or hotel common rooms, schools, people’s homes…anywhere there is a kitchen and a space to eat!


A community kitchen is a group of individuals who:

  • meet regularly to cook and eat healthy, nutritious meals together
  • are encouraged to participate to the best of their abilities in menu selection, shopping, preparation, cooking and cleaning up
  • most importantly, have an interest in eating and sharing simple delicious meals

Good nutrition plays a key role:

  • participants are introduced to new foods that contribute to a more balanced diet
  • participants share and learn new recipes that contribute to healthier eating practices
  • in many community kitchens, meals are often taken home and frozen for later, thus furthering healthier eating habits


GVFB offers a continuum of community kitchen support from facilitating community kitchens to offering training and support to individuals and community agencies in their efforts to start and maintain community kitchens.

Our Front-line Community Kitchens

  • GVFB facilitates and supports 26 community kitchens in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) with a focus of offering an alternate method to obtain food in a self-directed and dignified manner
  • Community kitchens offer a social outlet as well as a skill-building arena
  • Through community kitchens, single room occupancy (SRO) hotel residents gain the confidence and community connections that help feed their stomachs and their souls
  • As a result they become less isolated and feel more connected due to their participation and contribution
  • In the DTES, we assist SRO hotels in developing their own community kitchens, providing them with much-needed equipment and training support

Our Community Kitchen Training and Support

GVFB trains and supports community kitchen facilitators. We offer: