Giving Tuesday is a global movement of giving and doing good by your community. Following the biggest shopping days of the year, Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to spark or rekindle your connection with a charity or cause and invest in its mission.  

With our critical mission of providing healthy food to those in need, we have been fortunate to receive ongoing support from our communities all year round. Given the unwavering support, we use Giving Tuesday as a time to thank our supporters and recognize their impact on our work. Because of YOU, we can support the 14,000 individuals who rely on our services monthly. Your support allows us to support the newly immigrated and locally born individuals facing a myriad of difficulties, from layoffs to high-cost living. We can purchase baby formula for our Baby Steps nutritional program, and nutrition shakes for our Seniors’ program, all thanks to YOU. 

Highlighting a TOP Supporter - Nature's Path

There are so many individuals and organizations we would like to thank publicly, but on this Giving Tuesday we would like to highlight a group that has gone above and beyond – Nature’s Path.  

Nature’s Path is a passionate family-owned producer of certified organic foods. They aim to “Always leave the earth better than you found it” and strive to be socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. They believe everyone has the right to quality organic food and have a long legacy of giving back to our communities and donating food and funds to frontline organizations in need, including the Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB)! In the past two years, Nature’s Path has donated over $21,000 AND 120,000 lbs. of delicious, organic food for our clients to enjoy such as cereals, Que Paso tortilla chips and granola bars.

“The GVFB has been one of our long-standing partners in addressing the need for increased access to quality organic food. The GVFB’s value cannot be overemphasized; Food Banks Canada reports that there has been a nationwide increase of about 25% in the number of people seeking food bank support. the Greater Vancouver area, which the GVFB services, has seen an even greater increase (35%) in demand. Addressing this demand can be a daunting task. That is why we believe that partnering with the GVFB is so important.” 

In addition to donating food to help address this demand, Nature’s Path engages with the GVFB through volunteering! Their employees volunteer their time and effort through ongoing monthly volunteer shifts at our Burnaby and Vancouver locations. Our team is constantly blown away by their enthusiasm and compassion when interacting with our clients, and we could not be more grateful to have such an engaged and committed group of volunteers.  

“We are proud to have created a culture of giving back at Nature’s Path and will continue to partner with the GVFB to facilitate increased access to quality organic food.” 

A Million Thank You's

On behalf of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank team, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us provide healthy food to those in need. Together, we can help feed our community.