Marion is a retired teacher who gives generously each month so that people in need can have access to fresh and nutritious food. In fact, Marion has been a monthly donor for 20 years! The steady, reliable support we receive from our monthly donors provides security and sustainability to the work we do every week, fulfilling our mission of getting healthy food to those in need.   

As a Home Economics teacher for her entire career, Marion’s passion for food and education is unparalleled. Many years ago, Marion met a couple of Mums in a Teen Parents Program at her school. They didn’t have much, and they were living on their own with their babies. Marion spent time with the young Mums to emphasize the importance of eating healthy by talking about the different kinds of nutritious food that is easy to make. “Nutritious food needs to be tasty, otherwise it is not appealing to kids,” Marion believes.

Marion has a long history of supporting local social services organizations, such as community soup kitchens and her local neighbourhood house. She has worked with seniors struggling with isolation, and she particularly loves seeing how food can bring people together regardless of their culture or ethnic backgrounds.   

When asked why she gives to the GVFB, Marion said, “I’m really lucky. I’m comfortable, I’m living in a place that’s paid for, I have a decent pension … I have pretty much anything that I need or want. And, you know, if I can help somebody out, then I think it’s great. If you’re not getting your needs met, and food is one of your huge needs, then you can’t develop to your full potential.”   

We thank you, Marion, and all of our loyal monthly donors who give so people have access to fresh and nutrient-rich food all year long!