What does it mean to be a monthly donor? Monthly donations are a consistent and generous form of funding, allowing our operations to plan more strategically – filling the gaps of our slower seasons while client numbers remain high.

One of our generous Full Heart Club members, Gayle, wrote about her experience giving to the GVFB. Read what being a Monthly Donor means to Gayle below:

My name is Gayle.  I originally began making donations to the Food Bank because my nephew was a homeless youth for a number of years, and the Food Bank was a lifesaver for him many times.  When he passed in 2021 at 32 years of age, we were devastated – he was a special young man who got down on his luck, and life got hard for him.  I wanted to put forth a small legacy for him in his memory.   

I began donating $20.00 a month – a small amount that for me equates to not giving up much of anything – one lunch out with friends, one movie night, 4 or 5 cups of Starbucks…  For me, it wouldn’t make any difference to my lifestyle.  Why not do it?   

At the time I felt like maybe my $20.00 would be too small and wouldn’t make any difference at all… then I looked at it a new way…  That $20.00 might make a small difference to someone and if lots of people did the same, the money total would become a whole bunch!  So I went for it.  There are so many reasons to donate even a small amount to such an important cause.  I think we all have noticed how expensive life in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland has become.  For many, it is becoming a choice between a roof over the head and eating.  They can’t do both.  It makes me feel great to think that maybe, in some wee way, I am able to make a difference to even one person who is struggling. 

I’ll share that I have been a Kindergarten teacher for many years in a high needs school.  I have worked with many families who can’t afford to put food on the table.  They rely on the Food Bank regularly and I KNOW how grateful they are to have some support.  For many of them, the Food Bank provides hope for tomorrow and allows them to eat when they otherwise might not be able to. 

At my school we have a hot lunch program that can subsidize funding for children’s lunches.  We are seeing a rise in subsidized participation.  Nutritional food is important for growing bodies and minds.  Without this program many children either may not eat or will eat candy/noodles/etc. in order to survive. 

I am witnessing a crisis on many levels and sometimes I feel helpless.  My heart gets so sad!  I feel empowered (and much better) when I realize with a very small donation I can make a difference!  I hope you will join me in supporting this very worthy (and sometimes life changing) cause.  Every penny matters.  Together we can make a difference.  Will you join me?  A little or a lot… whatever you can afford.  I challenge you each to think about one decadence per month that you could do without in order to help put food on a family’s table who may not be able to eat otherwise. 

Thank you for considering a one time or monthly donation… whatever you can afford. 

And thank you Gayle for supporting our organization! Join our Full Heart Club and BECOME A MONTHLY DONOR TODAY!