Rethinking Food - Let's fix our broken food system

We’re proud to present Rethinking Food, a documentary made in partnership with ReFeed Farms and Rich&Jay Creative, that takes a deep dive into the challenges and solutions of fixing our broken food system.

Every year, the demand on food banks increases, and every year we work even harder to raise more money to feed more people. It's still never enough.

This is where ReFeed Farms come into play. They help us address our immediate issues while developing a food system that’s scalable, sustainable, and exportable around the world. Through their zero-loss food system called the Circular Nutrition model, they work with the food industry to rescue perfectly nutritious and unused pre-consumer produce and redirect it to the GVFB. Last year, they donated an incredible 461,705 lbs worth of food! With their consistent high-quality donations, they were our second largest donor!

Watch this one-of-a-kind 9-minute documentary and learn how the locally created ReFeed Farms model can be part of the global changes that are needed to feed our generations to come.

To learn more about ReFeed Farms, visit their website here.