Retirement is a blessing and a luxury, but it can also come with a loss of a daily schedule. Lynn, our Agency Pick-Up Volunteer, retired after 53 years in the workforce and knew this feeling all too well. 

She missed the hustle and bustle of her work life with things to manage, control, and organize – so she knew she needed to find something to fill her time.   

Volunteer in warehouse

She found the GVFB online, and after trying a few different volunteer roles with us, she fell in love with her role with our Community Agency Partner (CAP) team. 

“I love engaging with the community, and I’ve always cared deeply about food insecurity. So volunteering with the food bank alongside the CAP team couldn’t be a more perfect fit,” Lynn shares.  

We support 119 Agency Partners, including neighbourhood houses, after-school programs, transition houses, Indigenous centers, and many others. As a pick-up assistant, Lynn works directly with our agencies as they pick up their weekly orders, including weighing their food and tracking their products.  


“There is always something special and exciting to look forward to during my volunteer shift. I’m meeting so many wonderful organizations, and I love learning about their outreach in the community. The food bank provides so much more than food, and our agencies are truly very grateful and excited to pick up their orders. It’s like dealing with happy customers every day.” 

If you are retired and are looking for volunteer work to fill your time, consider volunteering with us! We offer: 
  1. Flexible hours and time commitments, 
  2. A variety of different volunteer roles,  
  3. A supportive and informative team environment! 

“The GVFB treats their volunteers with kindness, respect, and support. I get validation, verification, pats on the back, and so much gratitude from the staff,” says Lynn, “If you are missing that sense of routine and social interaction – just volunteer with the food bank! You will not regret it.” 

We are so grateful to have Lynn’s determination, compassion, and warmth when it comes to supporting our agencies. Thank you for everything!

Click here to register as a volunteer and help fight food insecurity in your local community!