We could have never carried our daily operations throughout the pandemic without the immense support from our existing and new volunteers. From recently retired individuals who wanted to give back, to volunteer groups who wanted to learn more about our impact, our volunteers find meaning in their work in various ways.  

Let’s meet some of our volunteers who joined us over the past two years. 

Warehouse Volunteers

Our two superstar warehouse volunteers, Arnold and John, started volunteering with us at the start of the pandemic and have since become great friends. 

As they are both retired, Arnold and John decided to keep busy by giving back to the community at the GVFB. Arnold, a former teacher and principal, immediately connected to his volunteer duty of assembling the children’s nutrition packs that we distribute monthly. 

“I like to think that the children I taught over the years are similar to the ones I’m helping at the Food Bank,” Arnold explains.

John also volunteers in the warehouse and finds his work incredibly impactful to those in great need.  

“I enjoy volunteering here, and it feels great knowing that I’m helping people during these difficult times.” 

Another perk to their volunteer experience has been meeting each other! With similar roles and motivations to volunteer, they have shared many laughs while working together in our warehouse!  

CAP Volunteer 

Andrew started volunteering with our Community Agency team in the fall and has since learned so much about our operations and outreach.

“I wanted to give back in a way that you could see immediate results in the community,” Andrew shares.  

One of the greatest highlights of his volunteer position is meeting our agencies! Did you know that we support 110 local community agency partners (CAPs)? Our CAPs include housing agencies, neighbourhood houses, homeless shelters, after-school programs and more. As an agency pick-up assistant, Andrew assists our CAPs as they pick up their weekly orders at our Vancouver CAP Market located in East Vancouver.  

Group Distribution Volunteers 

Hudson Pacific Properties are among the many volunteer groups that have helped our team during the hectic holiday season! 

Volunteering at the GVFB is a rewarding experience and has provided our team with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. The opportunity has allowed us to connect with our community, strengthen our relationship with each other and gain a new perspective by meeting people from all walks of life,” shares their team. 

We’re overwhelmed by the number of groups signed up to assist our operations during our busiest time of year! We’ve had over 500 applicants register as volunteers since July!

We’re so grateful to have an outpouring of volunteers reach out for various reasons and offer a helping hand when we needed it the most. Thank you for volunteering, your kindness makes a difference.