Many parents face the reality of being unable to provide fresh and nutritious food to their children once school is out for the summer. For Maria and Vinsen, this was a daily struggle until they started receiving food support from the Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB). 

Maria and Vinsen are two hardworking parents to three children. When the couple moved to Vancouver 12 years ago, they managed to make ends meet by working in the hospitality industry. However, the daily expenses of living in Vancouver slowly started adding up over the years. Maria is so grateful a friend told her about the food bank while she was on maternity leave after having her youngest child.

Maria registered as a client with the GVFB and has since received food support for herself and her family. Maria calls her youngest daughter, now four, a ‘food bank baby’ as she was raised and nourished with the food provided by the Food Bank.

She’s not sure what she would have done without the extra milk, formula and fortified foods she has received from the GVFB– along with the diapers. Maria says her daughter is growing up “very healthy”.  

Maria and Vinson are especially grateful for the food support over the past year. At the start of the pandemic, Vinsen was unfortunately laid off from his job at a hotel.

As Maria says, “Here in Vancouver, it’s really, really expensive. Our budget falls short.  To all the donors, we are very thankful for all the help that you are giving us. Our family appreciates your kindness.” 

When you support the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, you are giving parents like Maria and Vinsen peace of mind, knowing they have your help to make their budget go further each month.