Did you know that 38% of our clients are families with children? Many of those are single-parent families, with moms or dads doing everything they can to look after their kids. 

Based on the BC Child Poverty Report Card, children in lone-parent families have consistently suffered much higher poverty rates than those in couple families. In fact, one in every two BC children of lone parents were poor in 2019. 

We see a number of families from all walks of life registering as new clients; approximately 57% of new food bank clients cite low income, unemployment, and relocation as the main reasons for using the GVFB. We aim to help parents who walk through our doors with healthy and nutritious food, so they can focus on investing in their children’s future and provide their children with the opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. 

Single mother clientTianna is a single mother who whole-heartedly loves her young daughter and worries constantly about the fact that she’s growing up in poverty. Although it’s not easy, and some days she struggles with anxiety and depression, Tianna carries on. She says her daughter is a true inspiration. 

“She’s this amazing kid who’s always happy! I’m blessed to have her in my life. Her energy and her positive vibrations are just something that picks me up,” Tianna shares.  

Tianna only visits the GVFB when she feels she has to. For instance, in March of 2020 the apartment she was living in was infected by mold and she had to pack up everything and move. She says that we were lifesavers. 

Just recently Tianna came in again and felt so grateful she can rely on our support when she needs it the most. Her daughter received a special, nutritious and age-appropriate food pack and Tianna received fresh, healthy food that she used to make nourishing meals for her and her daughter. She says, 

“It honestly warms my heart to think that there’s someone out in the world that doesn’t know me… and they’re still willing to help. You have no idea of the impact you’re making, but I’m so grateful!” 

With our support, Tianna no longer lives in fear of returning home to an empty fridge. She can focus on saving and giving her daughter the best life possible.