This holiday season, we want to ensure that our neighbours in need, such as Marlon and his family, can enjoy their holiday season with fresh and nourishing food.  

Marlon, his wife and four children moved here from Nicaragua in 2018. It’s been challenging for Marlon to find steady, full-time work during the pandemic. He’s currently the sole income-earner for the family and is doing the best he can with two part-time jobs. 

Thankfully, a friend told Marlon about the Food Bank last year. His family receives their weekly food allotment, including the specially designed Grade Schooler Packs for his children.  

“It’s such great quality,” says Marlon. “My kids really enjoy the pork, salmon and beans we receive, along with the tasty snacks!” 

As Christmas approaches, Marlon admits to reminiscing about his celebrations back in Nicaragua. The energy was high, the streets were filled with friends and family, and there was so much food! Despite being far from his home country, Marlon and his wife want to keep the spirit of Christmas alive with a feast and fun gifts for the children. Marlon fondly remembers the turkey and tasty veggies they received from the GVFB last Christmas with which they made a wonderful holiday feast.

He says, “It’s so great not to worry about having enough food. Now I can focus on making this Christmas unforgettable for my children.”

Thank you to our generous donors for supporting us during these difficult times. With your help, we can continue providing nourishing food to our clients as they celebrate the holidays with their loved ones.