Pamela is one of our senior clients who opened up to us about her journey to recovery as a stage 4 cancer patient. At the beginning of her treatment, her oncologist noticed that she had lost 20 pounds in six weeks. Her sudden weight loss was from a combination of her treatments and the inability to afford food.

Upon hearing this, her oncologist connected her to a social worker, who quickly referred her to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

Pamela says, “Your support has meant the difference between me surviving and not. Beyond my rent, I have an extra $150 a month to cover all my expenses. That leaves me $50 for food. I would not exist without the Food Bank and its donors. Now I have food to eat. I’m not starving anymore. I honestly don’t know where I would be without the Food Bank.”

In a matter of months, Pamela was able to regain the weight she lost and maintain her health with the fresh and nutritious selection of food from the GVFB!

Aside from her weekly allotment of food, Pamela also receives our monthly specialized Seniors’ Program that offers nutritional shakes, eggs, lean protein, yogurt, oatmeal and cheeses.

“I really like using tuna or salmon and adding them to my sandwiches. It’s so easy to eat and it keeps me full for hours,” Pamela shares.

Like a lot of people, Pamela had felt ashamed and afraid to ask for help from the Food Bank for many years, even before she got sick. But once she registered, she was delighted by the respect and kind manner from our staff and volunteers.

She says, “After my first visit, I left with a big smile on my face, and was excited to get home and eat. Now, I always look forward to going to the Food Bank, where I can chat with the staff and other clients in line.”

We are so grateful that Pamela no longer has to worry about how or when she can eat her next meal.

Thank you for being her essential lifeline as she focuses on improving her health.