May 03, 2023 – Burnaby, BC – As of May 01, 2023, the Mayors of the five municipalities served by the Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB) are coming together to address food insecurity in a friendly fundraising competition. 

Throughout the month of May, the Mayors of the City of Vancouver, the District of West Vancouver, the City of Burnaby, the City of New Westminster, and the City of North Vancouver will all come together for the 2023 Mayors’ Food Bank Challenge. The Greater Vancouver Food Bank is challenging the Mayors in each city to rally their communities to raise funds to fight hunger. 

This friendly competition will raise funds for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, which is now serving a record breaking 16,000+ clients in need each month. As cost-of-living rises, more and more community residents are turning to food banks to help make ends meet. The GVFB is registering a record number of new clients (between 800 and 1000) monthly. With the support of the Mayors, we can support those in need by raising funds to help ensure the GVFB can sustainably provide healthy food in our communities for as long as the need exists.  

The municipality that raises the most per capita will be crowned the winner of this friendly challenge! The value per capita will be determined by the cash amount raised ($1:$1), divided by the 2021 Census population data for each municipality. 

A launch event for the Mayor Food Bank Challenge was held at the GVFB Burnaby warehouse on May 02, 2023, with four of the five mayors in attendance.


Quotes from the press event by attending mayors:

Mayor Patrick Johnstone, New Westminster

“In 2022, The GVFB served more than 1,700 families in New Westminster, and we know the need has only increased in 2023. Your donations during the Mayor’s Food Bank Challenge will support getting healthy food to your neighbours who are most in need. I’m asking New Westminster to show that spirit of compassion that makes our community great – and support the Greater Vancouver Mayor’s Food Bank Challenge.”


Mayor Linda Buchanan, City of North Vancouver

“No one should go hungry. But the reality is that many people in our community – friends, coworkers, neighbours – are food insecure and anyone can experience food insecurity over the course of their life. That’s why I am pleased to participate in the 3rd annual Mayors’ Food Bank Challenge. This month-long campaign will allow us to talk about food insecurity, raise awareness, and generate funds to support those in need. As the defending champions, I trust that people in the city will again rally behind being a caring community.”


Mayor Mark Sager, District of West Vancouver 

“This is the first year West Vancouver has joined this friendly challenge with our neighboring Mayors! It does not matter which community you are in, whether New West or Vancouver; there are always people in need. I hope that my friends, colleagues, and residents in West Vancouver can help us win this challenge and help people who are in need!”


Mayor Mike Hurley, City of Burnaby

“I have always said that when we have an opportunity to lift others up, we should always take that opportunity. This friendly challenge is my opportunity to lift Burnaby up to help those in need. It is important to support this campaign to continue the work of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, as they serve more than 4,000 Burnaby residents. Let’s work together and help them make a difference.


The 2022 Mayors’ Food Bank Challenge winner was the City of North Vancouver, led by Mayor Linda Buchanan, with $55,840 total raised, equating to $0.96 raised per capita. This year’s challenge promises to reignite the competitive spirit amongst Mayors, and work towards addressing food insecurity in the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Communities. 

Stay tuned for the final 2023 challenge results, released June 2023. 


 About the Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB): The GVFB is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide healthy food to those in need. The GVFB provides assistance to over 16,000 people each month through direct distribution in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and the North Shore. The GVFB also provides food support to 141 community agencies throughout these communities, such as housing agencies, women and children’s shelters, transition houses and after-school programs, which in turn provide meals and snacks to thousands of people each week.    


Media Contact: 

Emma Whiten, Communications Manager

Greater Vancouver Food Bank

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