Loblaws Fresh Cooler

Loblaws donated an unbelievable 835,346 pounds of fresh, nutritious food to the GVFB between July 2019 and June 2020! This represents an almost 100% increase over the previous year, which was already an amazing donation. This food has been of unprecedented quality and has brought much joy and many smiles to our clients and to our 80+ Community Agency Partners.

When our CEO David visited one of the after-school programs, the organizer’s face lit up and explained to him how much it has meant to the kids to receive fresh foods like bananas, deli meats, cheese, yogurt and hummus every week.

In addition to their weekly donations, Loblaws provides us with a deep discount on our purchased items, and they have also hosted nation-wide fundraising events like the Loblaws Spring Food Drive and the Loblaws Holiday Food Drive. In total, they donated over $16,000 to us in the last year!

THANK YOU to the Loblaws team for all your support!