Odlum Brown is an independent, full-service investment firm providing disciplined investment advice and objective, value-based research with a singular focus on clients. Odlum Brown’s community involvement is a significant part of their culture.

Since February 2016, Odlum Brown has made monthly donations to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank (GVFB) to ensure regular and predictable funding for our monthly programs and overall operations. Odlum Brown’s corporate philanthropy program aims to partner with local organizations that impact their communities directly – the GVFB is proud to be a charitable partner.

It’s quite uncommon for a corporation to be a monthly donor to the GVFB. We asked Debra Hewson, the President & CEO at Odlum Brown, what prompted their team to give so generously every month?

Debra said, “It’s actually an interesting story, and one that I think tells you a lot about our firm. Several years ago, there was a regulatory change in our industry that changed the way we handled fees for certain accounts. We chose to view this new requirement as an opportunity to redirect these monthly amounts to a community organization, and we chose local Food Banks.”

Many of Odlum Brown’s initiatives are driven by their employees’ passionate support. Whether it’s partnering with the firm on a sponsorship, joining a fundraising committee or volunteering at a community event, their employees’ commitment to getting involved in the community is what makes Odlum Brown’s corporate philanthropy program successful.

Debra encourages other corporations to consider becoming monthly donors, too. “We believe that a monthly donation to the GVFB is a great way to support the real, day-to-day work of the organization, above and beyond those ‘hot’ times like the holidays. We are proud to continue our monthly support!”

Thank you, everyone, at Odlum Brown, for your contribution to support our monthly programs, such as our Baby Steps Program and our new Grade Schooler Program!

To become a monthly donor, please donate here.

To partner with the GVFB to host corporate fundraising events, please contact Terra Paredes at [email protected]