Helen, a 71-year-old retired nurse

Helen is a 71-year-old retired nurse who turned to the Food Bank for help when the pandemic hit. Helen has never used the Food Bank before, and when she applied to become a client, she felt awkward due to the stigma of Food Bank users.

With multiple chronic health problems, including mobility issues, Helen was utilizing the services of Emergency Relief Services of Vancouver (ERSV) so she can get groceries delivered to her from the Food Bank. She is so grateful to receive healthy, nutritious, and fresh food. “If not for the pandemic, I would never have considered the Food Bank,” Helen says.

“I was having difficulty getting food. That’s when I called the Food Bank.” Helen recalls, “In fact, I often used to make monetary donations to them at Christmas and at other times. My children would donate food – I always brought them up to participate in that.”

Many seniors struggle with isolation during the COVID-19 health crisis. Helen is an avid painter so she has spent a lot of her time at home painting to stay engaged. As she paints, Helen reflects on her current situation. “I can say that using the Food Bank has made me realize how happy I am to live in this community where everybody helps each other. We all lookout to make sure each other has enough to eat.” Helen no longer feels awkward using the Food Bank.

Thanks to your support, we can provide for people like Helen all year round.