Adrian, Ann and Regina

Adrian and Ann lost their jobs in the hotel industry due to the pandemic. The couple moved to Vancouver from Mexico City with their now two-year-old daughter and 21-year-old daughter so that Adrian could study hospitality management. They were hopeful for a better life.

Adrian had graduated and was working at a local hotel along with his wife when they were both laid off – with Adrian now going in to work just one day a week. You can imagine that wouldn’t be enough to help pay for all the expenses of a household here in Greater Vancouver.

“In Mexico, there is nothing like the Food Bank. We are better here now. We’re so thankful for the Food Bank,” Adrian says, “My little one loves strawberries and we’re able to get it from the Food Bank!”

There are many more people like Adrian and Ann living in our community who struggle to provide enough food for their family – even more so since COVID-19 arrived.

Every story is different, but everyone who comes to the Food Bank has one thing in common. Like you and I, they want to provide the very best for their family. They want to feed their children fresh, healthy food. You are helping individuals and families every single day.