Jaymee is focused on her goals, her responsibilities, her priorities. Her goal is to become a paramedic.

Jaymee’s number one responsibility is taking care of her two kids. They’re 18 months apart, and she’s been holding off until they both acquire a solid grasp of language before sending them to daycare. Her priority is providing for her family, and giving back to her community.

Right now though, she needs a little help… a stepping stone.

Before she becomes a paramedic, she needs to take a 15-day course that comes with a price tag of $1,600. Once that’s done, she’ll be in school full-time for six months before she moves into her practicum when she’ll be on-call 24 hours a day.

The Food Bank means she doesn’t have to skimp on food for her kids. It also happens to be a place to make connections and build community. “I had this picture in my head before I went, that it would be in an alley with a couple of tables set up outside,” she says. “But it’s in a church. The people who are there, they are just regular people. There’s nothing scary about it, and the food isn’t any different than what I would buy in the grocery store.”